5 Modern Bedroom Ideas that Embody Great Design

5 Modern Bedroom Ideas that Embody Great Design

There is nothing as satisfying as pepping up your bedroom and turning it into a blissful sleeping dungeon. From subtle colors to loud hues, from retro art to modern décor pieces, from traditional architecture to eccentric layout, you can really let your creative horses run wild while deciding the décor of your bedroom. Besides the colors and layout, a zing to this “creative high” of yours can be added by selecting furniture and lightening elements that can complement the color scheme and overall design of your bedroom space. 

To give your sleeping pad a sleek aesthetic look without coming across too oddball, here are 5 modern bedroom ideas that accentuate great design thought process:


A very soothing and spa-like vibe, millwork design largely depends on using elements such as low profile bed, shades of brown and real woodwork for headboard and side tables. You can also opt for the pure rubberwood bed to give your space ‘jungle retreat’ vibes.


The ‘in’ thing for 2019, the industrial design uses elements such as black, white and grey palettes. Low profile bed with dark walnut side tables and neutral shade rug are commonly found in this setup. You can get your hands on Delron side table, team it up with a low profile bed having a metal headboard and place Grey Madelon coffee table near the window to give your bedroom that raw industrial air.


Life and colors, bohemian design can breathe life into any space especially bedroom where there are umpteen elements to play with. Paint the walls in monotone and complement it with bold colorful strokes. Pick a Parnella Bed and put a Buddhist tapestry over the headboard and place natural wood side tables to add a dash of serenity to your surroundings.


If you have an undying proclivity for finer things and want to turn your bedroom into lux-pad, then pick plush fabrics for the furniture and velvet finish colors for your wall. Select pillows that feel swish to look at, select the headboard which is in tune with the color scheme of your room and add something like Abella Arm Chair with royal blue shade near your window and your bedroom space will ooze luxury.

Abella Armchair


Possibly the most elegant layout for your bedroom, using timeless whites and natural material for the furniture, Scandinavian décor is for people who like it classy and eye-catching design. You can pick a natural wood colored bed and accentuate its appeal with a chic Madelon Coffee Table in the corner along with hanging warm colored lights. Just remember that it is all about clutter-free space and neutral colors. So keep it subtle in entirety yet bold in discrete parts and you will be all set for that sweet sleep.

With these outstanding design ideas, you can attenuate the look of your bedroom. Don’t forget that it is very important to choose the right kind of furniture to bring out the best of the design without cluttering the bedroom at once. To get what you really love, go ahead, shop for an exquisite range of bedroom furniture online.